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Why not?

The question should be ”Why not?“. Let’s learn a little bit about how wood floors can bring benefits to your family and home. Hardwood floors give a feeling of elegance. The immediate projection of comfort and style makes you fell right at home. Natural wood floors carry a positive environmental sense and, with the variety you can find on the market nowadays, you can choose from many different styles that will match the décor of your home, surely. When you choose good quality hardwood floors and follow the right maintenance with the manufacturers recommended guidelines, your home will always stay beautiful and your hardwood flooring will look as good as when it was first installed.

The best hardwood floors on the market today, last for centuries, or in worst case, decades. It is also very easy to maintain. If you suffer from allergies, the indoor air quality improves and you get the health benefits from it. Dust, mites and mold won’t build up because it’s easy to clean.

Although hardwood flooring is quite an investment, it is a good one, because it increases the value of your property and welcomes everyone that steps into your house, with charm and beautiful overall appearance.

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Hardwood Flooring

Protecting your investment

I always recommend to my customers, when purchasing new hardwood flooring, to make sure they have a few extra boxes left over as an insurance policy to protect the investment they are making on their home. The reason is that little accidents could happen, and just naming a few that I’ve seen, a small flood damage caused by a leaking dishwasher or washing machine, some heavy material falling and denting the floor badly, a dog that systematically scratches a specific area or goes to the bathroom there. Having kept two boxes would certainly fix 95% of the problem.

I’ve had customers buying the entire floor for the house again, because they couldn’t find the same product on the market. The manufacturer may not exist anymore, or the flooring store that they bought the product no longer has an open account and/or couldn’t be bothered to look into a small job, or the color is discontinued for any reason, like color change or even the change of the platform. As a manufacturer, I’ve helped these customers by producing to the specification when I could.

Imagine that having two to five boxes to insure your future fixer up is a very cheap bet. Store in your attic or basement, make sure the place is dry, and save thousands of dollars in the future. Protect your investment and enjoy your hardwood flooring.